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exaSound - Exceptional Fidelity DACs & Audio Servers aus Toronto, Ontario.


Exceptional Fidelity DACs & Audio Servers. Toronto, Ontario.

exaSound have received 6 TAS Awards (The Absolute Sound) in 2015 at Axpona, a PFO Audio Oasis! (Positive Feedback) Award in 2015, a HiFi Choice Recommended in March 2015, Best of Show at Rocky Mountains Audio Fest 2014, another PFO Audio Oasis! Award at RMAF 2014, AudioStream Greatest Bits Class A Award and is a Stereophile Recommended A+ Digital Processor


exaSound e22 DAC

High-End digital/analog Wandler

Musikwiedergabe auf höchstem Niveau
Einer der besten Digital/Analogwandler überhaupt…

o DSD: 2.8224 or 3.072 MHz
o DSD2: 5.6448 or 6.144 MHz
o DSD4: 11.2896 or 12.288 MHz
o LPCM/DXD: 44.1kHz to 384kHz at 32 bits maximum sampling rate
o Native support for 88.2, 176.4 & (DXD) 352.8kHz master files

UVP: 3.999€

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